Why Outsource to Us?

Why pay accountant fees to get your bookkeeping done?  Let them do what they do best – business plans, financial analysis, business evaluations, management consulting, income taxes, etc.

By outsourcing to us, you won’t have an extra person in your office, either part-time or full-time, with the added burden of EI, CPP and WCB premiums or holiday pay.  We are independent of your business.  Our competitive rates are hourly, and you will have to pay us only for the work we do for you.

Outsource any or all of these activities to us:

  • Payroll – hourly, salary, weekly, bi-weekly etc. We will give you deduction amounts, and your T-4’s.  Cheques can be written by us or you and you sign.  Direct deposit payroll is also available.
  • General – track sales (cash/day sheets), HST for government reporting, balance your bank account, record expenses from cheque stubs or by invoice.
  • Payables – recorded by invoice.  Cheques can be printed and you sign.
  • Receivables – we do billings, using invoices generated by you or we can do your billings.

When you provide us with your sales and purchase amounts in a timely manner, you will be provided with your completed HST form.  You will receive professional looking monthly or quarterly interim unaudited income and balance statements (after 1 year comparison).  This keeps you informed of your actual bank balances and your income, rather than wait until the end of your year.   If you get CVGF to do your payroll, deductions will be provided by the deadline each month, saving you time and energy which you can use to build your business!

We can do all of the above but each business is different.  You can decide what is best for you.

Keep up your bookkeeping monthly and there won’t be that hassle at the end of your fiscal or calendar year.  A successful business keeps on top of its bookkeeping.

As an added bonus, Clyde View Girl Friday does all kinds of office tasks including Word processing (merged letters, flyers etc.), copying, laminating etc.

We are available past 9 – 5 Monday to Friday because of our home office and availability by cell phone.

Your confidentiality is as important to us as it is to you.

Confidential Friendly Service in our Smoke Free Home/Office.

Outsource to us so your office doesn’t look like the one below!

CVGF - Let Us Help You!